A vision of the future…in basketball

If creativity begins with having a vision of the future, then that provides sufficient leeway for me to use this space to make a “you heard it here first” proclamation about college basketball.

Ready? The next head basketball coach at Duke University will be Shaka Smart.

Ever since attracting attention a few years back as the head coach of March Madness Cinderella Virginia Commonwealth University, Smart is the target each year for schools looking for a coaching upgrade. Smart has so far resisted every attempt to pry him from VCU, including reportedly refusing to even speak to one of the nation’s premier programs, UCLA. Again this season, amid rumors he’s going to Marquette University, Smart has said: I’m staying here.

So, when might he actually leave? There’s always the chance that he’ll stay his entire career at VCU, but no one actually thinks so. If he hasn’t left yet, and not for the likes of UCLA, then when, and for where?

My answer: he’s waiting for Duke, the number one coaching job in the college basketball universe. You know, except for the unenviable task of following Mike Krzyzewski. Coach K said this week he’ll coach for at least the next five years.

Shaka Smart is 36. He can wait.

And my money is on this: Duke is exactly what he’s waiting for.

Just remember, you heard it here first.

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