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Creativity is Messy

Picture these scenes: a whiteboard wall covered with Post-it notes, scribbles, and sketches; a workshop table with a dozen different prototypes made of clay, paper, and found objects; a recycle bin filled with balled up paper. Creativity is messy. The mythology of creativity includes this image: the answer arriving in one’s mind, fully formed and […]

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Bananagrams: Creativity is More Than an Idea

It is likely you have never heard the name Abraham Nathanson, who died this week at age 80. But you may know his creation: Bananagrams. It’s that game that comes in a banana-shaped pouch, found hanging in bunches in book and toy stores. It’s a simple game, essentially Scrabble without the board and without the […]

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Physician, Heal Thyself?

Is it more difficult to be creative when the subject is yourself? A few years ago, I recall suggesting – or maybe I was imploring – a friend of mine to get out: to sell her house, to move from the declining town she lived in, to go to a bigger city where she could […]

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Creativity in Schools?

For years I have heard this cry: we need to teach critical thinking in our schools. It is certainly true that critical thinking is valuable; what I do not know is whether it is being neglected in our schools. Critical thinking, simply put, is the ability to evaluate; but critical thinking is accomplished through the […]

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Creative thinking as prelogical and preverbal

There is a debate in the creativity research community as to whether creative thinking or creative process skills are domain specific (that is, not transferable between domains), or domain general (that is, transferable from one domain to another). This is, as most debates, a “yes, and” situation. There are general creative thinking skills that can […]

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