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The OmniSkills Difference

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The short answer: your way. The slightly longer answer is: when you engage us to facilitate a process, or consult with you on any issue, we begin without expectations or rules. We begin by listening, and we build a solution from there. We offer two forms of facilitation: Creative Problem Solving (CPS), a deliberate process for finding novel and valuable solutions and exploiting opportunities; and Visual Space, which uses drawing and visuals as a primary process tool, and can be used for strategic planning, team development, visioning, and other interventions.


A facilitator helps a group to achieve an important goal together. Facilitation is the process by which a neutral facilitator works with the group as a process expert, rather than a content expert. By paying attention to the process of how the group works together, the group is better able to concentrate on the content of the problem.

An illustration: one of our major areas of practice is the facilitation of Creative Problem Solving (CPS). When a team wants to solve a difficult problem or uncover a new opportunity, we provide a CPS facilitator to work with the group, Our facilitator is an expert in the process of CPS, and leads the group in applying it to their issue. That way, the team can focus on the content of the problem, and not on the process needed to solve it. CPS facilitation is just one kind; we can also help with helping to resolve conflict, to increase communication, or just about any issue where a neutral guide is needed.


The words "training" and "facilitation" can get mixed up, because a trainer is often called a facilitator - and in fact, a great trainer (like the kind you find here at OmniSkills, if you'll excuse the naked plug) is also a skilled facilitator who uses facilitation techniques in the classroom.


If you think we can help you by providing the power of a skilled third-party facilitator for Creative Problem Solving, decision making, team development, communication, or other issue, please contact us.