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Paul Reali, MS, MBA
OmniSkills Founder & Principal
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The OmniSkills Difference

Unique concepts and content, created here, available only from us

Dynamic trainers who involve participants actively in the learning

Effective design that extends the learning before and after the classroom event


All OmniSkills programs are tailored to the audience: the organization, the department, the team - and the people in the workshop on that day. Nothing is delivered off the shelf, off the rack, off the cuff, or whatever other dismissive statement you'd care to insert here.

In other words, we can't provide training to you until we know you and understand you.

That means we first talk with you about your group and about your needs. Then we assemble your training from our parts: we structure it, and mold it and shape it and change it and coax it and add to it and subtract from it and...well, you get the point. If this sounds more like art than science, that's because it is.


It's true: it would be easier on both of us if you would simply select a workshop and tell us when and where. But then two things would be true: first, we would look too much like too many other training providers who are not interested in whether the training actually works. And second, well, the training probably wouldn't work so well.

You are not generic. Your needs are yours and yours alone.

Sure, we do find similarities between groups. And while no two groups are exactly alike, we use those similarities to help us build better training for you. You see, we learn from every session, and every session makes us better. It's our experience working with similar groups that helps us to understand how to assemble, modify and apply our content to your group.

And yes, we do begin with the same raw materials -- our existing content and extensive experience. But here's the difference: we consider that to be a starting point, not the end.

We're not imposing our content upon you, not forcing our content to fit you. We're finding a match between what you need and what we can provide. And if we can't provide it, we'll bring in someone who can from our large network of like-minded and equally-talented associates.


What you do next depends on the kind of person you are.

If you prefer to begin on your own, you can browse our list of existing workshops and read some outlines, looking for something that strikes you as the right place to begin. That's fine; we encourage that. That's why we put them up here.

Or, if you want answers right now, you can call us to talk it over. You can reach Paul Reali at 336.926.8833 or 704.385.7371.

Or, if you just want to drop us a note (say, because you are working in the middle of the night, when you should be sleeping or writing the Great American Novel), you can e-mail us with your questions or thoughts (or dreams or ramblings or what have you). Here's where you can reach Paul.

Finally, if you're just here to steal something -- that is, if you're doing research for your own training programs and you have no intention of contacting us -- you should begin here.